Board of Directors and Management Team

Management Team

Lon Cullen – President & CEO

Kerri Bridges – General Manager

Alisa “Al” Nerbas – Director of Funds Development & Communications

Angela Forsythe – Before & After School Director

James Meyer – Director of Facilities & Maintenance

Steven Dyce – Program Manager

Niraj Patel – Business Manager


Board of Directors

Jillian DeCosse
Emergency Physician
Brandon Regional Health Centre
Board member since 2016


Leanne Swayze
Pharmacist/Pharmacy Manager 
Heritage Co-op
Board member since 2016


Terry Carlisle
Vice President
Cando Rail Services Ltd.
Board member since 2018


Angie Nguyen
Kim’s Asian Restaurant
Board member since 2019


Kelly Scott
Vice President, Information Technology
Sunrise Credit Union
Board member since 2021


Chris Bromley
Prairie Mountain Health
Board member since 2021


Jill Giesbrecht
Meighen Haddad LLP
Board member since 2021


Steve McMillan
VP Planning
Jacobson & Greiner Group
Board member since 2022


Over the course of a year, the YMCA of Brandon may carry out business transactions with suppliers of goods and services with whom there exists a non-arm’s length relationship with either directors or senior managers of the YMCA. These transactions occur through the normal course of operations, are subject to normal procurement practice and policies and are reviewed in conjunction with the audit. To date, these transactions have averaged less than $10,000 annually. During the fiscal year 2015-2016, these transactions amounted to $8348.42, with three different companies for purchase of newspaper advertising,  plumbing repairs and office furnishings.


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